Zeus - 'Classic Zeus'


Formed from the live members of Broken Social Scene frontman Jason Collett's solo career, Zeus have proved themselves as one of the most captivating outfits in contemporary Canadian rock music. Their pop-laiden harmonies, mixed with a subtle blend of psychedelica and folk, have gained the four-piece a steady and devout fanbase in their native land, and are hoping to spread their good vibes even further with their latest release 'Classic Zeus'.

While it may be named like a greatest hits collection, 'Classic Zeus' is the band's third album in four years and looks to make the biggest impact of their career so far. While the main pace of the record is a mellow and tranquil one, the band don't ever leave you bored with their energetic approach to songwriting that leads to some incredibly beautiful compositions. It has this intriguing charm that while at times may come across as cheesy, gives the record plenty of surprises that help the record carry on and keeps the listener interested.

It may not be the best album of their career but still fits the bill of what their fans would expect to hear from them. To use their term, it simply is classic Zeus and should play as a litmus test for others to hear and get a full sense of this band's sound.

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