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Thanks to the Internet, the time it takes for an artist to get discovered, played and then exposed to a wider audienc
As one of the underground indie scene's most talked about new artists, it looks like Sundara Karma's time as small fi
As we move towards the end of the year, more and more artists begin to emerge in order to create their campaigns for
Producers that look to push the boundaries of exploration and experimentation are always going to get noticed quickly
As the debut signing for Ed Sheeran's newly founded Gingerbread Man Records, it looks like the future is already set
After making a name for himself from featuring on Wookie's 'Higher' and Gorgon City's 'Unmissable' last year, London-
Having been one of the most captivating cult acts of the year so far, it looks like London-based electro-funksters HO
While wanting to create music on your own terms and taking the DIY approach is becoming more common place these days,
After achieving cult acclaim for a number of EP releases over the last few years, Congolese-Angolan solo artist Yanni
For the last decade, the music industry has always looked to the internet to find its next big star.
While Black Butter Records has proven itself time and time again as the home of exceptional emerging British talent,
While many will have heard of musician Chris Baio as the bass player for Vampire Weekend, his work as a solo artist h
There are very few performers that have managed to grow organically as fast as London-based vocalist Nao has.
Despite having a name that is next to impossible to find when searching online, Scottish outfit WHITE have managed to
While it is no secret that Liverpool has been the cultural mecca of British music for almost every living generation,