David Bowie - 'Nothing Has Changed'


While it would seem completely arbitrary to review this new David Bowie hits collection on his classic material, what this compilation has that most don't is an entire disc devoted to his lesser heard, and his some cases never heard, material. And this is the disc that sits at the very front of this collection, giving it the prime focus of this new release. So this review will only be considering this new work that I believe is what Bowie originally wished would be the desired approach.

Featuring the new single 'Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime' and the previously unreleased tracks 'Let Me Sleep Beside You' and 'Your Turn To Drive', both from Bowie's undelivered 2001 album 'Toy', these new works set the tone for this new collection, emphasising that this is the best of the new Bowie and not a rekindling of past achievements. While other musician's have grown more sorrowful with age, Bowie has managed to keep that same dark passion throughout his entire career and even shows hints of it on the unfamiliar material, even if it does sometimes have more in common with his 'Diamond Dogs' days that his 'Next Day' work.

In a sense, Bowie has wanted to highlight his newest incarnation more than his previous ones and while there is a huge gap between them when played side by side, you still feel that he has moved his sound in the right direction and maintained his relevance after so many years. A brilliant compilation for hardcore fans and those who only know the hits who are looking to educate themselves further with this incredible staple of British music.

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