Dizzee Rascal - 'Don't Gas Me'


Over the years, the London rapper Dizzee Rascal has been a two-pronged attack. On one side, he is the grime pioneer, bringing back a brutal side to the UK scene, and the other is his fun-loving club-banger side. And while last year's full-length 'Raskit' saw him return to his roots in the grime scene, he has clearly missed the energetic, dancefloor-ready part of his sound as he returns with the five-track EP 'Don't Gas Me', a release that looks to see him return to a lighter, more accessible direction.

Opening up with the full-on juggernaut title-track, the single brings back memories of 'Bonkers' and 'Baseline Junkie' tearing up nightclubs the world over, and sets the general tone of what this new release is supposed to represent for him. And while it does occasionally follow the sonic style of 'Raskit' in places, the idea of this release is to give his fans a respite from the gritty and forceful approach of that last record and embrace the more carefree side to his personality.

Overall, 'Don't Gas Me' is simply the frontman having fun with his sound once again. With a lack of pretence and serious atmosphere, this new EP is just a enjoyable break in his otherwise more forceful material. Definitely for ones who prefer his club bangers more than his pounding grime releases.

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