H.E.R. - 'I Used To Know Her: The Prelude'


Over the last year or so, mysterious frontwoman H.E.R. has been a beacon of new and interesting RnB. Her distinctive production and quality throughout her songwriting has quickly made her one of the most captivating new artists for a long time, and after a bundle of smaller releases, the singer now looks to spread her creative wings as she unveils her new EP 'I Used To Know Her: The Prelude', a release that brings her far out of her comfort zone.

Those familiar with her work to date will be very surprised to hear the opener 'Lost Souls', which sees her rapping for the first time in her career. And while it remains the dark horse on this new collection, it certainly sets a precedent as to how we should be hearing her from now on. While we have gotten used to the idea that she is pushing the RnB genre forward, this new release seems to act as more of a homage to the classic genre. Stripping back a lot of her usual production, 'I Used To Know Her' is more of a love-letter to her biggest inspirations, taking cues from Lauryn Hill, this is the more swooning and sweeping side to her sound.

While we are slowly getting to know more about her as a person, H.E.R. has certainly taught us a lot about her intentions with this new EP. She may have built up a following as an envelope pusher in the genre, but is still very much engaged in the more simple and classic sounds as well. An innovator at heart, but one that knows how to refine herself as well.

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