Leonard Cohen - 'Popular Problems'


As one of the most prominent poets of the 20th century, Leonard Cohen's legacy has been one of the most compelling and turbulent any recording artist could have expected. He's seen unbelievable acclaim and destructive falls from grace in his near fifty year career, but has returned once again to deliver what could most likely be his final album. 'Popular Problems' will be released on the 22nd September to coincide with the frontman's 80th birthday and despite his ageing mind, has still managed to deliver the same passion and grit we have always heard from him.

Taking inspirations from a number of musical backgrounds such as jazz, country and funk, 'Popular Problems' is one of the more musically lead albums we have seen from Cohen during his career. Rather than stage the focus on his marvellous prose, the record likes to indulge us in the occasional instrumental introduction to help add the atmosphere he requires to really touch your heart and open your mind. It's an incredibly inviting release and with Cohen's voice growing ever more tortured throughout, you feel a real sense of dread and despair on each song that can not be pretended.

There is just so much to enjoy about this album that you will find it hard to see fault with it. Leonard Cohen has once again proved his worth and managed to transfer his personal experiences into musical brilliance. He is one of kind and this record highlights the kind of genius he really is.

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