Moscow Apartment - 'Orange'

Canadian outfit crack out the brass for this fun-loving and energetic indie-pop delight

Bridges - 'Ghouls'

British outfit showcase their latest EP with this Foals-inspired indie-rock thumper

L'FREAQ - 'Fleshygrey'

US frontwoman takes her dark-pop cues from St. Vincent with this bold and infectious new release

Keuning - 'Prismism'

The Killers guitarist Dave Keuning returns with another warped and psychedelic alt-pop wonder

Alexa Villa - 'Never Have I Ever'

US frontwoman unleashes a dark and powerful alt-pop stomper, with nods to No Doubt

Mouse - '3 Weeks'

Scottish frontwoman follows in the footsteps of Charli XCX with this anthemic electro-pop romp

Chet & His Alter Egos - 'Rebuild'

US outfit return with another wonderfully uplifting psych-rock delight, with nods to the classic soul sound

Future Loves Past - 'Sexual Time-Traveling Pixies'

US outfit take their cues from The Flaming Lips with this bold and dynamic psych-rock extravaganza

Please Madame - 'Rome'

Austrian frontman channels the sultry vibe of Father John Misty on this crooning indie-rock delight

10 O'Clock Chemical - 'Crucify'

British outfit blend the dark electronic sound of Depeche Mode with this modern production of The 1975 for their latest release

Simon D James - 'My Everything'

British frontman channels the atmospheric soul of David Bowie with this soaring new croon

Rukhsana Merrise - 'Could've Been'

British frontwoman blends uplifting soul with a pounding production on this exciting RnB-inspired groove

Imbibe - 'Touchdown'

Australian outfit take their cues from Empire Of The Sun with this stomping indie-pop thumper

Gabriella Rose - 'Lost In Translation'

US frontowman introduces herself with this beautifully bliss and swooning debut

36? - 'So What?'

Canadian outfit deliver the frenzy on this energetic and riff-tastic indie-rock belter

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