Almost Kennedy - 'Silver And Gold'

Alt-rockers deliver a lively and dancefloor-ready indie anthem

Bryce Lamar - 'For Real'

US producer channels James Blake with his latest ethereal single

a_rms - 'Closer To My'

Combining the styles of trip-hop and RnB, this US producer delivers one hell of a beat

Crashing Atlas - 'Savages'

US rockers take a Paramore-inspired route to one blistering new release

Inner Wave - 'Eclipse'

LA-based indie-rockers share their latest taste of California vibes

Cosmo V - 'Forever'

Moluccan-Dutch artist creates a world of intrigue with her latest release

Why These Coyotes - 'Silver Shoes'

Jazz-inspired indie-rockers deliver a stunning soundscape of subtle harmonies and dexterous musicianship

Sonia Stein - 'Suit Me Best'

Humbled singer-songwriter shares an open and emotional slice of bliss

Dutch Party - 'Blade Runner'

Twinkly San Franciscans unveil a delightful indie-pop ditty

Anna Ross - 'First Day' (Duran Duran Remix)

80s legends rework a powerful and soulful pop release

Scene Of Action - 'Fire'

Stadium rockers share their latest electro-rock hybrid

Noah Slee - 'Radar'

New Zealand singer conjures up Disclosure's production style for this new pop banger

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