Slow Club - 'Complete Surrender'


With the return of Death From Above 1979 and the buzz around Royal Blood this year, it seems that two-piece outfits are definitely the in-thing of the moment. But despite their obvious size limitations, most of these bands have managed to create sounds that make them seem more than ten times bigger, and this principle is no different to Sheffield duo Slow Club who release their highly-anticipated third album 'Complete Surrender'.

But despite what the singles so far would have you believe, this new release is far more sombre than what you might expect. While the pair are best known for their high-energy electro pop numbers, 'Complete Surrender' is an incredibly low-key affair where the duo look to create a more captivating and intriguing batch of new material. Much of the record is a cross of heartfelt ballads and gloomy slices of self-indulgence, occasionally broken up with the odd uptempo pop ditty that helps keep the album afloat. While they have clearly looked to expand their repertoire of sounds on this release, it gives it very disjointed feel to the record and as a result, you find yourselves liking moments on the release rather than the entire journey.

It still resonates well and shows that two people can still fill a record with a variety of sounds and ambitions but this one just feels like they got lost halfway through and the result isn't as good as you would have liked.

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