Twin Atlantic - 'Power'


For the last decade, Glasgow-based alt-rockers Twin Atlantic have managed to cement themselves as the most exciting Scottish band to emerge since Biffy Clyro. With powerful hooks and an anthemic sense of atmosphere, the group's catalogue to date has been a string of high-octane and powerful energy that has forced many to sit up and listen to what they have to offer. But after a four year gap since their last LP 'GLA', it seems that the band have grown tired of their formulaic approach as they look to pursue a more electronic avenue on their fifth full-length 'Power'.

From the very start, the band makes it clear that this is not going to be a guitar-chugging onslaught of killer riffs as the record's opener 'Oh! Euphoria!' sees them swap out their usual instrumentation for a more synth-based aesthetic, something that remains the staple of this new venture. From there we are largely treated to the same bold and vibrant outfit, but through the guise of keyboards-over-guitars, it just feels like much of their magic touch seems missing this time around. While there is still plenty to enjoy on this new collection, the edge that made them such an intriguing listen seems less than what we are used to.

Although we must applaud Twin Atlantic for going out on a limb and breaking away from their conventional sound, but it seems that 'Power' is a gamble that only pays off about half of the time. The songs and spark for creativity still remain as inventive as ever, but its overall sound just feels like it is missing something.

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