AC/DC - 'Rock Or Bust'


In the forty plus years that AC/DC have been going, there is one word that comes to mind; consistency. Now onto their fifteenth studio album, the band have never looked to shake or deviate away from their chosen sound and this new material is no different. Throughout the whole album, we see the juggernaut of rock powering on once again to deliver eleven balls-to-the-wall rock tunes that intend to do nothing else than make your fists pump in the air.

Although you would never expect nothing less from AC/DC, their lack of versatility has been both their greatest asset and downfall as it has meant that very few younger fans get switched on to their music. Their now classic formula of three-chord riffs and scorchingly high vocals has a certain time and place in musical history that makes them seem dated by today's standards. But nevertheless, what they do, they do well as 'Rock Or Bust' is an incredibly enjoyable record, if not a little forgettable by the end.

It has its flickers of genius on tracks like 'Baptism By Fire', 'Rock The House' and the lead single 'Play Ball', but the rest seems to just be going through the motions of what the band think their fans will appreciate. It's a safe record that will keep them going on, but if you are just a fair-weather fan, you may start to lose interest very quickly.

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