Sylva Faye - 'Centrefold'
Patrick Martin - 'Both Of You'
Aqua Seca - 'Whipped Cream'
MONOWHALES - 'RWLYD (Really Wanna Let You Down)'
Harley Small - 'Apartments'
Serendipity - 'My Own Queen'
Jelani Aryeh - 'Patagonia'
Young Guv - 'Try Not To Hang On So Hard'
The Brook & The Bluff - 'Hallways'
Kashmir Winter - 'We Are Pretty, We Are Porcelain'
Sad Boys Club - 'Dead Fridays'
Whilk & Misky - 'Child Of The Moon'
IVEY - 'Talk Talk'
Doe And Deer - '100 Bucks For Hawaiian Joe'