Melpo Mene - 'It's Electrical'
English Teacher - 'R&B'
Fijitrip - 'Private Social Network'
Luna Blue - 'How Does It Feel'
Michaela Slinger - 'Masquerade'
Stray Fossa - 'Hypocritic'
Vacation Forever - 'You Gotta Hustle'
Anushka - 'Brave'
Luke Lanzon - '46'
Stray Fossa - 'Much For Us'
Loiter - 'It's Not Me, It's You'
slenderbodies - 'heartbeat'
Joshua Radin - 'You're My Home'
Lola Scott - 'I Wanted To Call Her But I'm Tragic And She's Overseas (8 Months)'
Sarpa Salpa - 'Ghost'