Do Good - 'Burger Cool'
Conflict At Serenity Pools - 'Bosun'
Cosmo Sheldrake - 'More Than A Mountain'
Bug Facer - 'Fiery Demon Attacks Old Man On Bridge'
Walter The Producer - 'NOW WE'RE GETTING THERE'
elkvilla - 'Flatline Into Your Arms'
Youth Sector - 'Here Comes The Fear'
Pet Snake - 'Crashing'
vincent's last summer - 'ATTENTION!'
Astronomy Club - 'Say'
Jaya Bremer - 'My Expectations'
Jackie And Her Brother - 'You've Changed'
How To Dress Well - 'Crypt Sustain'
Moss - 'Black Dahlia'
Velociraptor - 'Computer Future Part 1'