Apollo Lovely - 'Runaway'
SOMNIUM - 'Truth Set Me Free'
Chavez Cartel - 'Mans Best Friend'
Creature Canyon - 'Faded Fire'
State Of The Secretary - 'Astray'
Tetra Collective - 'Something Real'
The Blue Stones - 'Don't Miss'
Amos Waits - 'Endangered'
Zoon - 'Astum' ft. Leanne Betasamosake Simpson
Sleeping Jesus - 'Outside'
Cosmic Crooner - 'Girlfriend'
Exotic Fruits - 'This Neighborhood Is Effervescent'
Chappaqua Wrestling - 'Full Round Table'
Wallis Bird - 'I Lose Myself Completely'
Palma Louca - 'Disappear'