Dead Slow Hoot - 'Take It Or Leave It'
Jack In Water - 'You're Home'
Meltheads - 'Decent Sex'
Side Saddle - 'Wine & Spirits'
WRKHOUSE - 'Getaway'
Holy Popes - 'Apples'
Don't Get Lemon - 'Have Some Shame'
The Entrepreneurs - 'Search For No One'
Tom Webber - 'This Time'
Leona Rue - 'Graceful'
Flora Cash - 'Baby I Love You'
Thom Southern - 'Hey What's Happenin?'
The Howlers - 'Lady Luck' British outfit unleash a bold and driven indie-rock belter
Sukie Smith - 'Into The Light'
Polyglam - 'Vegas'