ARTIST OF THE WEEK: No. 114 Yellow Days

2016 has certainly been the year of young talent, and this week's favourite newcomer comes as no exception. 17-year-old George van den Broek aka Yellow Days is a Haslemere-based solo artist who, much like other new individuals this year, has aimed to bring more than just his voice and instrument of choice to his music.

Yellow Days, on the outside, feels like a fully formed band. With an array of intricate production skills and potent melodies, the youngster has been building a strong following and level of acclaim since he first emerged at the beginning of the year, and it looks like his name could be getting even bigger as we head into the new year.

With a soulful and rich vocal style, his music sits on that perfect balance between old-fashioned blues and a post-modern direction, which makes him not only unique to listen to, but an intriguing and engaging character to boot.

Check out his incredible new single 'Your Hand Holding Mine' in the player below.