ARTIST OF THE WEEK: No. 115 Jidenna

While singer and rapper Jidenna may be more well-known to the US than anywhere else, it looks like things are about to change thanks to an appearance in a new Netflix show which has made this frontman an international talking point.

After first breaking through in the United States with his Grammy-nominated single 'Classic Man' last year, Jidenna was a fairly humble name emerging in American music. His post-modern take on soul and blues gave him an instantly identifiable sound, mixed with a classic demeanour. But when he appeared as himself, performing his single 'Long Live The Chief', on Netflix's new hit show Luke Cage, people were quickly asking who he was.

While many artists appear on the show as guest acts in the central nightclub, it was Jidenna's appearance that most people remember. This part-spoken word, part-robotic track was so unlike anything people had heard before, it has made him an almost overnight sensation the world over.

Now Jidenna has announced that his yet-to-be-titled debut album will be out before the end of the year, and you can check out 'Long Live The Chief' in the player below.