As one of many teenage talents to emerge over the last twelve months, none have caused as much of a stir as the now 20-year-old Shamir. With his unusually high voice and flamboyant personality, this young Las Vegas-born talent has managed to breathe new life into an ever-diluting pop music scene.

After releasing his debut EP 'Northtown' earlier this summer, Shamir was coined as one of the most multifaceted musicians to emerge from the United States in years. An EP that managed to mix together RnB, pop, dance, grime and hip-hop left a number of critics struggling to define him, but all were still deeply convinced that this was just the beginning of what he was capable of.

And now following up that release with his latest single 'On The Regular', sounding like Prince covering an Azealia Banks track, Shamir's seemingly effortless approach to music is reaching a new pinnacle that has already earned him a spot on the BBC's Sound Of 2015 longlist.

It may still be a while before he gets the same mainstream recognition over here as he has managed in the US, but with such instantly likeable records as this, it surely wouldn't take very long.