ARTIST OF THE WEEK: No. 37 The Magic Gang

Having broken through around this time last year with their effortlessly nostalgic single 'She Won't Ghost', Brighton-based quartet The Magic Gang went strangely quiet. But it seems like the group have returned and have already begun to make the same big waves they started with.

Unveiling their next single 'No Fun' early last month, the band have revisited their Sergeant Pepper-era Beatles sound and fused it with a notably modern Britpop influence to create a song that was eventually named as Single Of The Week on Radio 1 throughout this week.

Since then, the band have also shared a more acoustic-led track 'Alright' as they seem to be preparing themselves for a big release later this year.

While keeping news on any larger studio releases to themselves for the moment, they have announced a short UK tour for later this month before embarking on a number of festivals including Live At Leeds and The Great Escape this summer.

Have a listen to both 'No Fun' and 'Alright' in the players below and see what all the fuss is about for yourselves.