ARTIST OF THE WEEK: No. 93 Toothless

When the cat's away, the mice will play. An old saying but one that fits perfectly with the direction of Bombay Bicycle Club member Ed Nash's new project Toothless. With the band firmly on hiatus, Nash has been left to his own devices and in the process, managed to create a new sound for himself.

While Toothless still has that same ambience the BBC managed to develop so well, what makes this new project different is just how spaced it gets. With only two tracks to go on, the single 'Terra' and its b-side 'Kairos', it is still too early to tell where he is planning to go, but from what we can hear so far, it seems Nash is on a far more psychedelic trip. Working on large soundscapes, coupled together with his own hushed and reverbing vocals.

Toothless are currently about to embark of a small run of live shows including a headline performance at London’s Moth Club on the 17th May, with debut single 'Terra' going on sale from today.

Watch the new video to 'Terra' in the player below.