ARTIST OF THE WEEK: No. 94 Pumarosa

After setting the British musical zeitgeist ablaze with their single 'Priestess' at the end of last year, Pumarosa were certainly looking to become the next big thing in 2016. And now with their latest single out of the bag, that is looking even more definite.

The East London outfit made their mark as a progressive dance-rock band, with spaced out guitars and a psychedelic feel about them. But thanks to their new single 'Cecile', it seems we were quick to judge this band's output as this new release seems them as more conventional in their sound, with just a hint of 80s electronica about them.

It's clear that this band is going to be full of surprises in the near future, and will be heading to Latitude and Festival No. 6 later this year.

Watch the new to 'Cecile' in the player below.