As a pair of producers that have been swimming the undercurrent of the commercial house scene for the past year now, Blonde have slowly been starting to make waves on the surface and it looks like this will be the year that they break through into the big leagues.

Comprised of Eton Messy tastemaker Adam Englefield and Leeds-based producer Jacob Manson, Blonde began as a small collaboration project between the two that was really only a bit of fun. But as others soon began to latch onto their unique blend of summery synths and soothing basslines, Blonde began moving at a much faster rate than they initially expected, gathering offers to remix and perform with some of the biggest names in modern house music such as Laura Welsh, Chris Malinchak and The Magician.

Since then, Blonde have released a small string of releases including their most recent singles 'Foolish' featuring Ryan Ashley and 'Higher Ground' with Charli Taft, which are already looking to make future stars of these two budding producers.

While the house music scene may already be reaching capacity on the whole, when there are incredible outfits like Blonde looking to make an impression, there should be more than enough room to bring these guys to a wider audience.