ARTIST OF THE WEEK: No.361 - Findlay

After making a huge impression last year as one half of the exciting electro-pop duo TTRRUUCES, singer and artist Natalie Findlay is now looking to return to her solo roots as she delivers the dreamy new single 'Life Is But A Dream'.

Marking her first piece of solo material in four years, 'Life Is But A Dream' showcases her as a rich and enigmatic artist at the helm. With its broad and sweeping hooks, breezy atmosphere, and her own captivating voice layered throughout, she is definitely pushing her sound into new and adventurous territory here.

Speaking about her new material, she said, “I made the decision that the next music I released I had to own, I had to be in control and I didn’t want to ask permission or opinions from anyone else on the making of.

“The last few years were tough for me, navigating the death of someone close and dealing with the aftermath, then the pandemic, the lockdowns... my mental health took a big hit. I was totally burnt out for a while. I had to work very hard on myself to get back to a place where I even felt comfortable releasing music. I think towards the end, it was great having something to work towards between all the chaos and heartache.”

Check out the new video for 'Life Is But A Dream' in the player below.