ARTIST OF THE WEEK: No.410 - Bleach Lab

After delighting us with a warm and alluring array of releases these last few months, emerging outfit Bleach Lab have now announced the details behind their third EP 'If You Only Feel It Once', showcased by the shimmering title-track.

Following up their previously unveiled offerings ‘Obviously’ and ‘Take It Slow', 'If You Only Feel It Once' delivers another rich and heady dose of illustrious dream-pop joy. With a beautifully warm and endearing atmosphere layered throughout this sprawling new effort, they are continuing to cement themselves as one of the more exciting names on the rise right now.

Speaking about the new track, singer Jenna Kyle said, “The lyrics cover a lot of themes of finding a home, feeling safe, finding your way in life and feeling like you’re running out of or wasting your time on the wrong things or people. It’s an inner dialogue with yourself, and in my opinion ‘it’ is subjective and could mean a number of things depending on the listener. However, to me, ‘it’ is referring to ‘home’ i.e. if you only feel home once. It is quite a low mood track and there are quite obvious themes of depressive thoughts and some quite dark lyrics, however it’s self reflective and is meant to be somewhat encouraging.”

Bleach Lab's new EP 'If You Only Feel It Once' is available to stream from the 4th November, and you can check out the Tom Walder-Directed video for the new single in the player below.