ARTIST OF THE WEEK: No.418 - two blinks, i love you

After originally making a name for himself as pizzagirl, where he released the critically-praised albums 'first timer' and 'softcore mourn', Liverpool's Liam Brown has now launched his new project two blinks, i love you, highlighted by the vibrant debut single 'i love you'.

Moving away from the adolescent energy that formed his pizzagirl moniker, 'i love you' sees the artist in a more matured and confident state. Still focusing on the warm and inventive textures that made him such an inviting name in the first place, his latest venture sees him explore a wider range of aesthetics and ideals from start to finish.

Speaking about the new offering, Liam said, “’I love you’ is an introduction to the palette of two blinks, I love you. In its most direct sense lyrically and musically, it literally is just a confession of love, and maybe the feelings of confusion and intensity with that realisation. In a good way I think.”

Have a listen to 'i love you' in the player below.