ARTIST OF THE WEEK: No.440 - Sarah Kinsley

After establishing her sound with her stunning EPs 'The King' and 'Cypress' in recent years, emerging artist Sarah Kinsley is back once again to unveil the details of her next EP 'Ascension', previewed by the shimmering new single 'Lovegod'.

Accompanying her recently shared delight 'Oh No Darling!' on the new collection, 'Lovegod' makes for a rousing return to form for the artist at the helm. With her rich and spiritual vocals riding across a captivating production from start to finish, she is quickly cementing herself as one of the more mesmerising names on the rise right now.

Speaking about 'Lovegod', she said, “’Lovegod’ is the most devious I think I’ve been in my writing, My own ‘lovegod’ is a perfect lover, an answer to a prayer, an antidote for romantic pessimism. Where can one find love these days? Why do we need it? Why do I find myself begging for some spiritual deliverance?”

While adding about the new EP, “Ascension is about this unknown, ethereal place—the islands we create with people we have loved, where our phrases with them live, where our conversations outlast us, where every moment we have experienced lives again and again. It’s an eternal paradise. This is the center of this upcoming EP: the treasure, the collection of shining memories I carry, I ascend to. Remembering, knowing, keeping: these are the fundamental ways of our existence, of our ability to love. We are ascending to the place where everything is alive, where love is bright and fruitful, where memories last forever.”

Sarah Kinsley's new EP 'Ascension' is out on the 9th June via Verve Forecast/Decca Records UK, and you can watch the new video for 'Lovegod' in the player below.