ARTIST OF THE WEEK: No.455 - Zooey Celeste

After spending the last few years building and developing his sound, Southern Californian artist Zooey Celeste is now ready to introduce himself to the wider world with the release of his spellbinding debut single 'Restless Thoughts'.

As the title-track for his forthcoming debut album, 'Restless Thoughts' makes for a wonderfully immersive introduction to his aesthetic so far. Both inspired by and inspiring a novel he has been writing at the same time, this new offering paints an incredibly creative picture of the emerging artist, one who already sounds like he already has a firm and assured grasp over his direction so far.

Speaking about the novel's chapter that inspired the song, he said, “It’s a scene where the father of the protagonist has destroyed his marriage and left his daughter behind, and he’s going to meet his mistress and driving in a very suicidal headspace. He gets into a car accident, and two-thirds of the way into the song he’s floating above his body and watching as they’re trying to resuscitate him.”

While adding about his writing process, “I’d write a chapter and pick up my guitar and start writing songs based off the scenes I’d just finished. It’s funny because it’s the first time I’ve ever allowed myself to write from the perspective of a character, but it’s also the most authentic thing I’ve ever made in my life.”

The new album 'Restless Thoughts' will be released on the 3rd November via ATO Records, and you can listen to the record's title-track in the player below.