ARTIST OF THE WEEK: No.472 - Amanda Cy

After originally making her mark with a string of vibrant releases in recent years, Stockholm's Amanda Cy is now looking to reintroduce herself to the scene with her lively new single 'Know Nothing'.

Teaming up with production duo Teddy Failure (LOVA, Winona Oak) for the new release, 'Know Nothing' sees her coming back with a renewed and rejuvenated spirit at every turn. Embarking on that fresh and enjoyable alt-pop aesthetic her homeland has been turning out over the last few years, she already feels like a name destined for great things in the year ahead.

Written a few days after she ran into an ex, Amanda adds, "It felt like we were just acquaintances, like the five years we spent together didn’t really happen. In one way that was great, because I was finally over a pretty bad breakup, in another way it was so weird that someone I used to be so close with was a stranger all of a sudden."

Watch the new video for 'Know Nothing' in the player below.