ARTIST OF THE WEEK: No.477 - Been Stellar

Having already established themselves as one of the more exciting names on the rise in recent years, emerging outfit Been Stellar have now announced their plans for their long-awaited debut album 'Scream From New York, NY'.

Now signed to the infamous Dirty Hit label, Been Stellar are looking to preview their new LP with the immersive new single 'Passing Judgement'. Exploring more of that broad and anthemic post-punk-inspired aesthetic they have built a strong following for, their latest outing makes for an incredibly bold and euphoric listen from start to finish.

Speaking about the new offering, vocalist Sam Slocum said, “We were finishing “Passing Judgment” in the midst of our first tour in the UK. Playing through it a bit differently each show, we were learning to look at the song from different angles. The recording feels live because of this process — there’s a chaotic feeling in the drums and bass that wouldn’t be there if we hadn’t finished writing it live. Lyrically I was thinking about why we judge the world around us, and how passing judgment on someone or something is usually rooted in being unsure in oneself."

Been Stellar's debut album 'Scream From New York, NY' will be available to stream from the 14th June. Watch the new video for 'Passing Judgement' in the player below.