ARTIST OF THE WEEK: No.479 - Clothing

After originally making their marks in other dynamic projects over the years, Dawn of Midi's Aakaash Israni and Ben Sterling of Cookies and Mobius Band now come together to form Clothing with their vibrant debut single 'Kingdom'.

Teaming up with former Dirty Projectors vocalist Amber Coffman for the release, 'Kingdom' makes for an incredibly broad and absorbing introduction to their distinctive sound. With its warm and atmospheric electronics perfectly accompanying Coffman's shimmering vocals throughout, these two are kicking things off with a brilliantly inventive opening number here.

Speaking on her contribution to the track, Amber Coffman said, “It was really cathartic singing it. I love a good puzzle and a song that makes my musical brain work a little harder. It was a gratifying challenge- really enjoyed working with Aakaash and Ben.”

Have a listen to 'Kingdom' in the player below.