ARTIST OF THE WEEK: No.480 - Welly

After spending the last few years turning out some brilliantly inventive delights, fast-rising UK outfit Welly are back on the grind once again to deliver their vibrant new single 'Shopping'.

Channelling the same spritely vibes as Sports Team and Yard Act, 'Shopping' makes for an incredibly fun and lively listen. Brimming with this infectious post-punk-inspired groove, coupled with a euphoric energy from start to finish, they quickly cement themselves as one of the more distinctive names on the rise right now.

Speaking about the new track, they describe it as "about the ‘‘grass is greener’ mentality - not just in products and tat, but in your surroundings. There’s such beauty to that Yuppie era, the feeling it would never end: now there’s these cathedrals to excess up and down the country, shopping centres and high streets left to rot. I find them so romantic. So people complain about their local areas being crap, but then they buy their stuff online and dodge their taxes. Which means all that’s left are vape emporiums and retail parks. It shouldn’t die, they shouldn’t knock these places down, it’s our history. My songs point the finger, but don’t wag it. It’s just going “‘Look! Isn’t this funny, everyone?” over a disco-punk beat.”

Watch the new video for 'Shopping' in the player below.