ARTIST OF THE WEEK: No.483 - Imogen and the Knife

With Kate Bush, Nick Cave, Perfume Genius, and PJ Harvey known influences to her distinctive sound, London-based artist Imogen and the Knife is now looking to bring her enigmatic aesthetic to the wider world as she releases her vibrant debut single 'Mother Of God'.

Accompanied by a dazzling new video, directed by Harv Frost (The Last Dinner Party, Baby Queen), 'Mother Of God' makes for an incredibly rich and immersive introduction to her sound so far. With its broad use of instrumentation and pulsing atmosphere at every turn, she cements herself as one of the more exciting names to have emerged so far this year.

Speaking about her new offering, she said, “The images were already there: the boat-shaped house, the knife with my initials on it, the mosaic of faces. ‘Mother of God! This can’t be the only one’ is a waking realisation that unless addressed, the dream, and the pain, won’t leave. Which is apt because after it was written, the recurring dream at least, did.”

While director Frost added, “Imogen is one of those artists that can say so much with her eyes, so I wanted to make them the star of this video. I’m very excited for this era of Imogen’s creative expression, and can’t wait for more.”

Watch the new video for 'Mother Of God' in the player below.