ARTIST OF THE WEEK: NO.485 - Better Joy

After making their mark with the brilliant breakthrough singles 'Dead Plants' and 'Hard To Love' in recent months, the Bria Keely-fronted outfit Better Joy continue their dynamic ascent with their stunning new offering 'Talking Around'.

Bringing back more of that bold and driven indie-rock aesthetic they are quickly earning a reputation for, 'Talking Around' makes for an instantly engaging listen. With its raw and explosive textures set to Keely's passionate vocals throughout, they are certainly ones to keep a firm eye on for the months ahead as well.

Speaking about the new offering, Bria said, “’Talking Around’ tells the story of a fall out and calling out someone who twists the truth to suit their own perceptions and reputation. Trust is a powerful bond and when broken, it’s destructive. You end up hearing their muddled-up version of events, and it can show a side of that person you didn’t know was there. It makes you question the entire relationship you had and also your own judgment of other people, sometimes making it harder to let people into your life.”

Have a listen to 'Talking Around' in the player below.