ARTIST OF THE WEEK: No.486 - Fiona-Lee

After spending much of the last few years building and cultivating her sound, East Yorkshire's Fiona-Lee is now ready to introduce herself to the wider world with her captivating debut single 'Mother'.

Newly signed to Gravity/EMI Records, 'Mother' makes for a dazzling introduction to her aesthetic so far. With its warm and riveting textures, soaring atmosphere, and her own compelling vocals at the helm, she is kicking things off with a wildly enjoyable indie-rock belter here.

Speaking about the new offering, she said, “The song’s about a difficult situation I was in a few years ago, where I’d moved to London and was living in the basement of my then manager’s office. I wanted to leave and stop working with him because he wasn’t a nice guy, but felt totally stuck because it was like he owned me and I knew how badly he’d react if I left. It starts out very vulnerable as a cry for help, then as it goes on it becomes angrier and more empowered, basically how I felt as the situation developed and I managed to leave. So it’s essentially about being a young woman that’s being controlled and taken advantage of by a 50 year old dude in the music industry. This shit happens all the time - especially to young women - so I feel really strongly about discussing the subject matter of this song, which is ultimately men abusing their power.”

Have a listen to 'Mother' in the player below.