Atomic Bronco releases new album 'Bull In A China Shop'

Since following up his much-loved 2020 debut LP 'Nightflowers' with a wealth of rich and shimmering delights these last few years, Austin-based singer-songwriter Atomic Bronco has now returned to deliver his anthemic new album 'Bull In A China Shop'.

Featuring the previously unveiled singles 'Nostalgia', 'Fly Away', Foolish Games' and many more, this new collection establishes more of that bold and vibrant indie-rock aesthetic he has been building for himself since he first emerged. Jam-packed with killer hooks, a soaring atmosphere, and his own mesmerising voice layered throughout, 'Bull In A China Shop' makes for an incredibly infectious listen from start to finish.

While he has certainly cemented himself within the scene in recent years, 'Bull In A China Shop' sets him as one of the more euphoric names on the rise right now. With such a strong and confident approach to his sound and songwriting, he is definitely one to keep a firm eye on for the month ahead as well.

Have a listen to 'Bull In A China Shop' in the player below.