BADSOMA releases new EP 'Heat And Disorder'

After mesmerising us with a string of fresh and dynamic offerings these last few years, LA-based artist BADSOMA is now looking to cement their legacy to date with the adventurous new EP 'Heat And Disorder'.

Displaying more of that warm and alluring texture they have showcased in the past, delving into some beautifully elegant tones throughout, 'Heat And Disorder' makes for a brilliantly adventurous listen. Dabbling in a broad and eclectic mix of genres and ideals from start to finish, this new four-track collection perfectly encapsulates the vibrant direction they have been building for themselves since their infancy.

While the quality of this new release is no surprise given BADSOMA's track record to date, there are still plenty of surprises lurking within 'Heat And Disorder'. With such a bold and innovative approach to both songwriting and production, they are returning with one of their most proficient works so far.

Have a listen to 'Heat And Disorder' in the player below.