The Beards - 'The Beard Album'


If you aren't aware, The Beards are a band of bearded men who sing songs about beards. Literally every track on this new album has the word "beard" somewhere in the title, so as far as concepts go, this one is pretty strong. But rather than opt for the simple novelty approach that some of these joke bands go for, The Beards have actually got a lot talent between them that keeps this record from falling backwards and actually creates a very enjoyable bundle of tongue-in-cheek material.

Every angle of having a beard is covered on this new full-length. From the stigma of shaving to sexual prowess generated from such glorious face fuzz, they have managed to keep every track's theme fresh and different to leave you smiling throughout. It may seem corny and cheesy in places, but that is all part of its charm and as long as you keep one eyebrow firmly poised at the top of your head, you'll find it far more enjoyable than you initially should have.

But what is impressive about this record, is that after already releasing three albums all about beards, they still haven't lost the inspiration to make more and more music on their favourite element of puberty. Which makes you wonder what they could have been if they decided to write about something else instead.

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