Blanck Mass - 'Dumb Flesh'


When Benjamin John Power first broke away from his more recognised position in electronic duo Fuck Button to release his debut solo album 'White Math / Polymorph' back in 2012, the Fuck Buttons fanbase was divided with opinion. While it was universally seen as a great studio release, the assumptions that people had around it became distorted and it ended up taking everyone by surprise. Now returning for a second outing under his Blanck Mass guise, the producer has once again looked to redefine the conventions of electronic music and bring a very post-modern style to the genre.

With much of the compositions stretching far beyond the five minute mark, this eight-track record is a hugely immersive release. While the debut was more about experimentation and abstract production, 'Dumb Flesh' seems comfortable in being far more harmonious. With a progressive attitude running throughout the whole album, it looks to send you on a journey throughout the atmospheric works of this extremely talented producer and builds itself up into a wonderful and transcendent zenith.

Much easier to digest than its predecessor, 'Dumb Flesh' is a blissful yet emotive release that helps blur the lines between euphoric electronica and jarring industrial music. It's a brilliant work from start to finish and sees Power riding the crest of his creative evolution.

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