Caribou - 'Our Love'


Producer Dan Snaith aka Caribou has always been revered as one of the most forward-thinking producers in electronic music. His Caribou project has always walked a fine line between club-ready house music and laid-back home listening, making him an incredibly versatile talent. And while he produces most of his beat-heavy music under his alter-ego Daphni, Caribou is still one of the most refreshing names on the scene and this latest material looks to ingrain his name even further into the alternative electronic game.

While much of the record appears to be a very solemn affair, play it through some good speakers and you begin to hear the album's true intentions. The marriage of high-tempo percussion and piercing basslines grow into this unyielding force of sheer groove that makes it impossible to ignore. Unlike some of his previous work, this new material plays around much more with the revived garage sound that acts like Disclosure have aided in resurrecting, giving this album an incredibly contemporary feel and displaying Snaith's ability to see the progression in his own work.

It certainly is an incredible listen and its variety just adds that extra surprise throughout to keep you listening and ever enticed. It is definitely a more clubbier record than some of his previous works, but why mess about with direction when the music is this good.

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