Circa Waves - 'Never Going Under'


Over the last decade, Liverpudlian outfit Circa Waves have stood as one of the flag bearers for the indie-rock revival. With a flurry of fresh and engaging releases under their belt already, most of which have landed them a top 10 spot on the UK's album charts, their 2020 double LP 'Sad Happy' became their most commercially successful record to date, showing that they are still very much on top of their game within the scene. And after a few years away to figure of their next move, they return with their fifth studio album 'Never Going Under', an offering brimming with more of the same explosive flavour as before.

On the surface, Circa Waves have never had the internationally renowned breakthrough they deserve, but 'Never Going Under' shows that even after all these years together, they still know how to bring a sense of vibrancy to their sound. Filled with all the same upbeat textures that flooded their debut LP 'Young Chasers', their newest collection is another fun and euphoric effort that sees manages to stand out within an already saturated marketplace.

While 'Never Going Under' lacks more of the radio friendly cuts they have been known to produce in the past, it still holds its head above water and delivers a strong return from start to finish. Circa Waves are quickly becoming one of the more consistent names in the indie-rock arena lately, and their latest release is another notch in an already impressive repertoire to date.

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