Cloud Nothings - 'Last Building Burning'


Since their initial rise with the release of their self-titled debut album back in 2011, Cloud Nothings have become one of the most prolific outfits working today. Now onto their fifth full-length release in just seven years, the band are looking for more of an instant impact this time around. With just eight tracks to its name and a running time of just over half an hour, 'Last Building Burning' is a short but razor sharp release that looks to leave nothing but a trail of frenzied energy in its wake.

Opening up the raucous juggernaut that is 'On An Edge', the single certainly sets the tone as to what we can expect on this latest release. From there, 'Last Building Burning' is an unrelenting powerhouse of frantic punk-rock, all held together by the band's own energy and poise. While there are moments where you feel the sheer pace of this record could be brought down a notch, that is when singles like 'Offer An End' and 'So Right So Clean' make an entrance, just to add a strong juxtaposition to the record's core sound and add a level of diversity to its short running length.

Overall, 'Last Building Burning' is an album that certainly makes itself heard from the very start. A wild cacophony of thunderous anthems that see them return more to their roots than ever before. Strong and focused throughout, Cloud Nothings have returned with a blistering collection of tracks that devout fanbase will be lapping up.

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