Daniel Schamroth - 'Major Companion'


Over the last few years, British singer-songwriter Daniel Schamroth has been quick to establish himself as one of the more vivid and immersive names working the scene. With his warm and inviting approach to songwriting perfectly elevating his heartfelt vocals throughout, these last few years have certainly been a great time for him both creatively and professionally. Now with a new year on the horizon, he looks to cement his dynamic legacy once again with his dreamy new EP 'Major Companion', a collection brimming with rich and tender aesthetics from start to finish.

While his style and production never needs to do anything more than the basics, this new six-track collection still manages to pull you in with its tantalising appeal. Matching the same smooth and captivating flow he has been busy showcasing since his earliest beginnings, 'Major Companion' kicks off 2024 with some of his most heartwarming efforts to date, adding yet another progressive layer to his already immaculate repertoire to date.

While things may still be in the early growing stages for him, 'Major Companion' has the grace and brevity of an artist with many more years under his belt. With such a fresh and enjoyable approach to his sound once again, he shines across this spectacular new release.

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