Ellie Goulding - 'Delirium'


The career of Ellie Goudling has been an astronomic one to say the least. But since her debut album 'Lights' back in 2010, it seems that Goulding has completely ditched the electronic focus of her music in an attempt to branch out her musical direction. Now five years later, we have 'Delirium', her biggest album to date and one that will no doubt be the benchmark of her career so far. So how far along has she gone this time?

With a whopping sixteen tracks, twenty-two if you buy the bonus edition, 'Delirium' is less of an album and more of an outpouring of her content from the last three years. Including tracks like her Fifty Shades Of Grey contribution 'Love Me Like You Do' and Calvin Harris collaboration 'Outside', this new release seems to paint a picture of what Goudling likes to see herself as these days. However that is hard to really nail down as there are just far too many outward moment to really engage with on this new record. 'Around U' has this Taylor Swift level of pop glossiness, while lead single 'On My Mind' seems to be surrounded by sub-par production and underwhelming choruses.

While it still remains a likeable release, there is so much filler on this new album, it could easily have been trimmed down to two-thirds of its size with little protest. Enjoyable in places but mostly a step too far away from her comfort zone.

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