English Teacher - 'This Could Be Texas'


It is almost too hard to remember when a band so distinctive and inventive looked to make their mark on the new music scene, but for English Teacher, their buzz has been more than deserved. Having seen out last year as one of the more critically-acclaimed new arrivals, thanks to a wealth of broad and immersive releases in the years prior, the fast-rising four-piece are now looking to cement their dynamic legacy to date with the release of their eagerly-awaited debut album 'This Could Be Texas', a record that sees them delve further into their enigmatic sound.

One of the things that made English Teacher such a noticeable name in recent months has been their completely unpredictable direction. Just as one track felt like we had them figured out, the next would add a new layer to their ambitious aesthetic, seeing them take an extremely fluid approach to both genre and style. But despite their continued explorative nature, 'This Could Be Texas' still manages to hone a very cohesive and succinct avenue in which to explore, making for a rich and vivid listen that showcases some of their most euphoric ideas to date.

English Teacher may have been quick to make their name in the fold, but 'This Could Be Texas' certainly lives up to the hype. Creating this wonderfully warm and inviting aura that threads its way across the whole release, they have proven themselves as true innovators on the rise right now.

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