Everything Everything - 'Get To Heaven'


Very few abstract and experimental bands have managed to gather the momentum and support that Everything Everything now have. Despite deliberately looking to push boundaries and open up new ideas, their fanbase is forever growing, thanks to their ability to create music that looks to tread the thin line between the risky and the comfortable. Returning with their third studio effort 'Get To Heaven', the band are now fully in tune as to what their audience expects from them and have delivered tenfold.

Much like their previous records, this new full-length has this ability to shift pace and flow at a moments notice. Its high-velocity approach to songwriting not only keeps it exciting, but also interesting as it plays. Tracks like 'Distant Past' and 'To The Blade' display this sudden shift perfectly and set up the album for what is about to come. And while it does have its more conventional moments, the majority look to create this sense of exploration that has now come to define the band.

In all, 'Get To Heaven' is a mixed affair of love it or hate it songwriting. While most will find the odd glimmer of brilliance in almost every track, their status as a cult name is more than justified. If you loved their previous work, then by all means, get stuck in.

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