Fontaines DC - 'Skinty Fia'


When Fontaines DC first arrived on the scene with their stunning breakthrough debut album 'Dogrel' in 2019, it was greeted as a bold and exciting release on the fledgling post-punk scene. Quickly following this up in 2020 with their sophomore collection 'A Hero's Death', it became very clear about what avenue they were looking to pursue and what staple sound they were looking to create. But now returning with their third studio album 'Skinty Fia', the band have broken off into an almost completely different direction, showcasing some of their most adventurous work to date.

While the group have always been outwardly proud of their Irish roots, 'Skinty Fia' sees them lean into them like never before and unveil something both extremely personal and courageously forward-thinking. Unlike what we have heard so far, there is this very broad and absorbing atmosphere running the length of this new record, as each track looks to fulfil the same mission of deepening and progressing their sound. The result is this beautifully rich and passionate return that lures you in with its wonderfully textured atmosphere, conceiving something that truly sets them apart from anything else right now.

Fontaines DC have been riding a wave of buzz ever since they arrived, but 'Skinty Fia' feels like the culmination of a band wanting to go down in musical history. There is a real sense of bravery and ambition on this new collection, and will probably be remembered as their most compelling album to date.

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