FUR - 'When You Walk Away'


Over the last few years, we have watched and listened as the British indie-rock goes through an extremely dynamic shift in purpose. While the early noughties saw the sound hit the heady heights of chart-topping anthems and sold out stadium tours, recently newer acts have found themselves on the tail-end of this cacophonous buzz, discovering an audience that is more focused on the subtle eccentricities within songwriting. FUR are one of these bands that shown enormous promise in the last year with a flurry off exciting offerings, and now return to deliver their long-awaited debut album 'When You Walk Away', a record that perfectly sums up indie-rock for the 2020s.

Despite all the hyperbole around them being a forward-thinking outfit, their direction can be traced through countless influences before them. Reaching as far back as The Velvet Underground and Elvis Costello for inspiration, 'When You Walk Away' feels like the final product of more than sixty years of musical interest. There is this bright and retrospective feel to everything they do, modelling themselves on their most passionate muses and creating a sound that is both fresh and familiar, allowing us to enjoy every moment of this new collection without having to look too deep within it to find the joy.

It certainly makes for a welcome break from all the more thought-provoking and introspective indie-rock releases doing the rounds right now. FUR have quickly established themselves as a band looking to focus on the more fun side of the genre, and 'When You Walk Away' marks itself as one of the brighter and more engaging records of this year so far.

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