Getting To Know... Eve Gallagher

After originally making her mark as a songwriter for Boy George back in the 90s, singer-songwriter Eve Gallagher has been on exceptional rise ever since, recently returning with her stunning new single 'Take My Hand'.

Adopting a wonderfully smooth and soulful approach to her recent outing, 'Take My Hand' makes for a beautifully passionate listen. With her rich and soaring vocal performance layered across a sweeping blues-rock-inspired production throughout, she continues to shine across this wondrous new release.

So with the new single available to stream now, we sat down with her to find out more about her origins and what has been inspiring her most lately.


What was the first instrument you fell in love with?

The human voice, is closely followed by the piano.

What kind of music did you love when you were younger?

As I grew up in West Africa; I was very influenced by West- and South African music (Miriam Makeba, Fema Kuti, etc…) though it then very quickly progressed to discovering the Beatles, Genesis, Black Sabbath, Quatermass, Jackson Browne, Gladys Knight… Because my parents always listened to Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Sarah Vaughn, Barbra Streisand, etc. these amazing singers definitely influenced me vocally.

What was the first album you remember owning?

It was definitely the Beatles Album «Revolver» (and Miriam Makeba’s album «Pata, Pata»)

What is the one song you wished you could have written yourself?

«Famous Blue Raincoat» by Leonhard Cohen and (Elton John’s «Tumbleweed Connection»; the whole album.

Do you have any habits or rituals you go through when trying to write new music?

No, I’m not the type for rituals…. (I don’t do scales before singing either, although I write a lot which is drawn from life, be it my own or other people’s, I am always up to date with what’s going on in my world, in the world in general.

Who are your favourite artists you have found yourself listening to at the moment?

Christine and the Queens, Leonhard Cohen, India Arie, Cat Stevens (Yusuf), Puccini’s various operas.

If you could open a show for anyone in the world, who would it be?

Elton John or Gregory Porter.

What do you find is the most rewarding part about being a musician?

Apart from being in illustrious company. Most definitely the luxury of being able to create songs and sing them, then being able to share the fruits of your labours with an audience, with the world. And freedom of expression is all.

And what is the most frustrating part?

The waiting between live gigs and I suppose the «return to the day-to-day routine after having written an album with someone for months on end, being with them day after day (or night) and then finally recording your songs. There’s a certain feeling of loss afterwards. At some point one, albeit very important, chapter of your life is over. It takes a bit of getting used to.

And what is the best piece of advice you have received as a musician?

It was actually advice from my drama teacher (I started out studying acting). When I had my first professional appearance on stage she told me to believe in myself, to know that I can smash it, but always with humility and respect in regard to my profession. You are only as good as your audience and the people around you who make it all happen.


Eve Gallagher's new single 'Take My Hand' is available to stream now. Check it out in the player below.