Githead - 'Waiting For A Sign'


Despite being an extremely prolific outfit in their conception, releasing their first three studio albums in a four year period, this fourth full-length is the first new material we have heard from the band in five years, and from the off, seems like they are still looking to push the envelope of their chosen sound. While being more of a cult favourite amongst the UK's lesser-known post-rock acts, Githead have shown that while they look to create new and interesting music, this new record seems eerily familiar.

Dubbed as an avant-garde band, 'Waiting For A Sign' sounds more like a band that has looked to adopt the style of every major act from the 70s, 80s and 90s, and then try to bring it together as some sort of musical hybrid. The track 'Air Dancing' sounds like Pixies' Frank Black lending his voice to a Smashing Pumpkins b-side, while the riff from 'To Somewhere' could have been easily lifted from a T-Rex record. Almost every song on this record sounds like someone else, almost to the point of being deliberate. But despite their clear influences, they have still managed to produce a competent and enjoyable release.

It may not be the groundbreaking return that their fans were expecting but still has its moments of genuine inspiration. 'Bringing The Sea To The City' and 'Slow Creatures' stand out as these brilliantly, meandering soundscapes that give the record its first sense of unique disposition. A hit-and-miss release but still worth a go.

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